Advertise On Big FM

Big FM & Big Radio 2 are dedicated to providing low cost radio advertising to small businesses on the Costa Blanca and if you would like a member of our team to contact you to discuss your individual requirements, please call the office on 965 997 222 or fill out the Contact Form Below.


Q1: How many listeners do you have

A1: In short, there is no way to accurately gauge how many listeners are listening to the FM signal at any one time, we know that our regular advertisers get extremely good feedback and results from their adverts with us

Q2: What areas do you cover?

A2: Our coverage extends from La Manga to Benidorm and inland to Murcia, Pinoso and in to the mountains around the Alicante Region

Q3: How much does it cost?

A3: We tailor packages to the client however our most popular advert is just 2€ per play with long term campaign discounts available

Q4: How much does it cost to produce the adverts?

A4: If you take a 6 month advert deal then we produce the advert for you free of charge and that includes the professional Voice Over Artist and backing music, if you want a different package then we charge just 50€ for production

Q5: Can I use the advert elsewhere, e.g. on another radio station?

A5: Yes of course you can we will be happy to send you a copy of the master advert, as you are the owner of the advert because you have paid for it

Q6: What if I want to have a higher impact campaign, do you offer sponsorships of shows or features?

A6: Yes of course, you could sponsor a whole or part of a show for as little as 10€ per hour, we can arrange for you to meet your chosen presenter so that you can discuss what you would like your sponsorship to do for you or you could sponsor one of our features which increases your visibility

Q7: what is your target audience?

A7: Our target audience is the age range from 25 to 65 years however we have many listeners outside this range as well

Q8: Why don’t you advertise Overnight?

A8: We feel that our target audience will mainly be listening during the prime times of 8am to 8pm however we can offer Off Peak advertising from 12am to 8am should the customer require it.

Q9: Do your presenters work offer personal appearances?

A9: Many of our presenters are singers or DJ’s that offer their services for entertainment e.g. shows, karaoke and private functions

Q10: Do you offer outside broadcasts?

A10: Yes we often can be seen out on the road in our outside broadcast trailer, and the beauty of it is all our outside broadcasts are transmitted across the network LIVE where possible

Q11: How long have you been established?

A11: The station was established in September of 2012 and has grown massively in these 7 years due to the popular mix of music and presenters, we are continuing to strive for more coverage and variety while keeping our roots firmly in our community