Big Fm Club Night

Due to the ever-expanding listener base of Big Fm, we are introducing the Big Fm Club Night for those of you that wish to continue to party all night long.

A group of local live DJs have put together a fantastic mix of

Club, Techno and Drum and Bass mixes for you to take that club atmosphere with you wherever you go from Midnight on Saturdays to 7am Sunday mornings.

These Djs will be regular contributors to the show every week here on the station where the party never ends.

Links to this weeks broadcasted show are at the bottom of this page

Here are some of the details of our contributors:


Adriana started her DJ career many moons ago when CD decks and Laptops hadn’t been invented, Despite technology taking over and everyone telling her to go digital, she carried on doing what she loved which is playing on vinyl. Adriana, formerly Ms Julz, has played in many bars and clubs in the region of Alicante, Murcia, Albecete and Granada. She now organises her own raves in a private finca in San Javier called RED. Her style has developed from house to tech house and now techno. She has her own recognisable style, which is amplified by the fact that she only plays with her trusted Technics 1210s.

Ben Mezou

Ben Mezou DJ is from Andernach, Germany. Ben is for sure one of the older guys on the decks. He started playing drums in the early 80s, switched quickly to turntables and for several years was a resident DJ at one of the first techno-clubs. Specialising in Dub & Electro, he founded a collective of musicians, DJs, dancers and artists in the 90s to run a series of events called Moonshake. He hosted a TV show in his home area, but always kept a strong connection to the clubbing life. Ben comes from a family of musicians and artists. His uncle was a singer at the Opera in Paris and his grandfather, a famous musician in Germany. In 2016, Ben returned to where it all first began for him, playing on the decks mixing his most favourite tracks.



Diatec is a very young but highly talented Dutch DJ and producer who focuses on a varied harmonic flow of musical energy. His goal is to activate the dancefloor, bring people joy and maintain high levels of excitement all the way from start to finish during his sets.


KHARAS aka Adam Kharas is the creator of HouseGrooves and the co-founder of AMBIGUOUS Underground Events. KHARAS’ first interest in House music began when Acid House exploded into the music scene in 1989/90 and the subsequent introduction of acid house warehouse raves across the UK. AMBIGUOUS Underground Events was created in the December of 2015. The concept is built around the origins of the first-ever house music raves back in the latter years of the 1980s. The aim has been to merge the origin basics of raving with a modern class of a clubbing and touring event.


Benjamín Carús began to mix on vinyl in the spring of 2001, playing Hardcore sessions for the public in his local area and Techno for his soul. Techno is the style of music that he prefers and with which he feels identified. K-rús is often seen playing at local events or just home in his spare time. He also mixes other styles of electronic music including melodic house, progressive house, tech house and downtempo.

Jordon Wood

Jordon Wood is a British DJ based in southern Spain who first started deejaying in the UK at the age of 15 playing bassline and garage music. After moving to Spain and getting into the techno and house scene, he began to organise his own events in the local area and progressed to playing at clubs such Dasava (Fines, Almeria) alsongside the likes of Gonçalo, Carlos Ruiz, Mr Jefferson and more. His sets vary from groovy tech house and vocal house to more dark and heavier techno sounds.


Electronic music composer, live act and DJ, Poolar has played music for many people, both in clubs and at outdoor events. For him, music not only begins when you play a record, or even finishes when you stop it, it continues while you drive, eat or sleep. His musical style perfectly fits the moment, with sounds of yesterday or inventing those of tomorrow. Producer and DJ, as a good cocktail shaker, he mixes and stirs rhythms to create dynamic and flexible sessions, for people who want to both listen and dance. Ramón Mayor is the person behind Poolar and Drede (when he plays drum n bass).  Difficult to classify, strange, restless, curious and perfectionist: this is the new school.


Roman Smola has music in his bones. He lives, loves, and breathes music all day long. Currently living in Hellín, Albacete, Roman generally deejays in clubs around the Murcia area, as well as organising his own events. His preferred style of music is Drum & Bass and Neurofunk, yet he is equally at home playing other styles of electronic music including Techno, Minimal, Break Beat and Trance. Smola has played in some of the best local clubs for electronic music including Carmen 24 (Metro Dance Club – Bigastro); Sala Rojas (Murcia); Guru (Murcia) among others.


Robert Nandez

Robert Nandez is a Swiss-Spanish deejay based in San Miguel. This deejay is extremely ambitious and is aiming for the top. And with his work ethic and energy, he is likely to get there in the not too distant future. Robert only began deejaying in January 2016, learning to play on both CDJs and vinyl. His preferred genres of music are tech house and techno. Already, he has played at the Ultrasonic Festival in Holland, Ambiguous, Velice (Torrevieja), RED (San Javier), Macanao Black (Los Alcázares) and on the AMW FM radio station in Holland. Last year, Nandez spent some time in Mallorca at the studio of Joe Red, where he took a course in musical production. Watch this space!


Purveyor of deep, infectious house grooves and a feel-good atmosphere.

Music really grabbed me back in the early 90s when I used to listen to pirate radio stations, that played a lot of rave, jungle and drum and bass. I remember thinking the energy was unreal; I was hooked! It was about six years later when I got into deejaying, at which point my musical taste had orientated to garage and house music. It was the 1996 era, a great time for music. There was this killer track doing the rounds called Double 99 Ripgroove, legendary! Say no more, it was in my collection as soon as I could get my hands on it. I used to love going vinyl shopping finding little gems to add to my sets. It was part of the buzz back then, knowing you had a rare record or limited press that stood you above the other DJs. 

DJs that really inspired me through the years were the likes of Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, EZ, Tall Paul, Eric Prydz and Tiesto, to name but a few. “For me, it’s all about mood and a deep, hypnotic groove… playing those tracks that get you moving your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date.”