Big Fm are please to partner with Ship My Shopping to have all your favourite UK goods delivered to a depot near you

Ship My Shopping can deliver cakes to computers, or beans to beds, if you can buy, they can ship it

Why not get your friends to order their favourites too and if you get 6 new people to join you on the same delivery run your order will be delivered FREE

All orders require a £5 booking fee but if yours is the free order this will be refunded. enter the code get6-bigfm in the comments section to see if you can get your order delivered free.

Ship My Shopping can also offer bulk transport & mail services including UK mailing addresses

Book your collection today to get your little piece of the UK in the sun.


If you like and share Ship My Shopping facebook page & Big FM facebook page you will be entered in to a monthly draw for a £50 voucher for your favourite UK retailer and then have it shipped

Find the links HERE



For More Information and to see the main website click Here: SHIPMYSHOPPING